Blood Bowl Blitzmania Day 1!

KERRRRRUUUNNNNNCCCHHHHHHH!!! Blitzmania Begins! We’ll be posting updates and details regarding this worldwide Blood Bowl event soon, but here’s an event post help you save the date! Update!!! We’re just days away, and I have a ton of updates regarding the format for this year’s Blitzmania! Blitzmania will run for 5 weeks beginning at 12:30 PM […]

Fall of Cadia: Gathering Storm Part 4 – Apocalypse

Will you stand with Cadia or crush it under your heel? Drawbridge Games is hosting a series of Saturday 40K Bring-And-Battle Games this month for the Fall of Cadia. Each set will be linked and the outcome will affect the next set in the series! Is this the end? Despite Cadia’s staunch resistence, the forces […]

Star Wars Winter Tournament Season Preview!

The new winter tournament kits for Armada, Imperial Assault, and X-Wing have arrived, and Drawbridge Games will be running events starting next week! Here’s a quick breakdown of the prizes you can win! Armada Alternate Art X-Wing Squadron Cards Alternate Art Gladiator II Cards Star Destroyer Dice Bags Acrylic Squadron Tokens Medal Featuring the Empire […]

Age of Sigmar Preorder and Play!

The Age of Sigmar is upon us! Starting today (July 4th, 2015) you can pre-order copies of Age of Sigmar, the newest Games Workshop fantasy miniature wargame (which will be released July 11th). The rules will also be made available as a free download from the Games Workshop website so you can print out a copy, […]

Event Wrap-Up (Week of 6/15/15)

Here is a wrap-up of last weeks events! Crusade of Fire (Thursdays) From the Mousillon Expedition blog: Initial landings were made, and then the Prophets of War got off to a quick start: winning three of their battles, and tying the fourth. This let them expand both on Corvus Majoris, as well as take a […]

Three Events at Drawbridge Games this Week!

Are you ready for another great week of gaming at Drawbridge Games?!?! Event 1: Commettre le Garde On June 18th, 1815 Napoleon Bonaparte lead his newly reorganized L’Armée du Nord against Arthur Wellesley’s (the future Duke of Wellington) combined British, Dutch, and Hanoverian force. The battle would be fought in a little town across the […]