Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate!

Never split the party… unless someone is a traitor! Work together with a party of adventurers to uncover the city’s catacombs, but beware! A horrific evil will turn one of your party against you, and the rest of you will need to thwart them or face your doom. Never play the same game twice! Based […]

Tales From the Yawning Portal

Tales From the Yawning Portal is here! Dungeons & Dragons 5E Dungeon Masters will be spoiled for choice when they pick up the latest supplement for 5th Edition. Seven of the games greatest adventures including Against the Giants, The Sunless Citadel, and the legendary Tomb of Horrors lie within. Pick up a copy today and […]

WizK!ds Brings the Fantasy!

WizK!ds Games has an exciting new line of fantasy miniatures designed for use with Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition RPG and the Pathfinder RPG (though they would be perfect for fantasy skirmish gaming as well). This line is full of excellent and detailed sculpts of monsters and player character miniatures of all varieties. They are […]

Take Back Kaladesh!

Restore freedom to Kaledesh with Magic: The Gathering Aether Revolt! Wield powerful spells and brilliant inventions in your quest to unseat the oppressive rule of the consulate! New 1/20/17 Magic the Gathering Aether Revolt – Booster Packs & Bundle Boxes

New Malifaux, Volo’s Guide to Monsters, and Pokemon Evolutions!

Tons of new products hit the shelves at Drawbridge Games! First up: Volo’s Guide to Monsters. This new supplement has tons of new monsters and monster lore, but that’s not all; Volo’s Guide also include monstrous PC races expanding player options! Stop by Drawbridge Games soon and grab one with a limited edition Mind Flayer […]

Pokemon Legendary Birds, Betrayal Widow’s Walk, and Board Game Restocks!

The latest Pokemon release will make you want to “put a bird on it!” Each pack includes 3 packs of the Pokemon sets Break Through and Steam Siege, and a pin featuring Articuno, Zapdos, or Moltres. Widow’s Walk is the first ever expansion for the award winning cooperative-with-a-twist horror game Betrayal at House on the […]

Kaladesh, Malifaux, White Dwarf, and Harry Potter…Expecto Patronum!

Multiple new things have made their way into Drawbridge Games. Stop by to pick up one or more of these exciting new products! First up, the planeswalkers of Magic the Gathering have traveled to Kaladesh, the home of Chandra Naalar. Explore this world through bundles and boosters! Try out new vehicles, fabricate, and gearhulk cards. […]

New Privateer Press and Wizards of the Coast Products!

Warmachine/Hordes heats up again this week! For Warmachine we’ve got a new dual kit from the diabolical Cryx warjack foundries. Their newest colossal kit allows you to build either a Kraken or the new Sepulcher. Hordes gets a 4-pack of Shredder lesser warbeasts, a bog trog Mist Speaker, and Wild Adventure (a new supplement for […]

Vampires Sink Their Fangs Into Drawbridge Games!

Creatures of the night have been spotted lurking a Drawbridge Games! First up is a new set of cards for Magic: The Gathering. In this set the planeswalkers return to the haunted land of Innistrad! Shadows Over Innistrad feature vampires, werewolves, zombies, and more! If you are “fortunate” enough to own Curse of Strahd for […]

New in the Store! (10/4/15) Dungeons & Dragons and Reaper Bones!

This week we’ve got a new Dungeons & Dragons supplement. The D&D Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide details the Forgotten Realms famed Sword Coast. Dungeon Masters will benefit from detailed descriptions of the land and its people. Players will benefit from additional options for their characters. The next wave of Reaper Bones miniatures have also landed. […]