Who are the Gatecrashers?

Gatecrashers are members of Drawbridge Games’ in store loyalty program. They are tabletop gamers who are not only passionate about their hobby; they are passionate about supporting Drawbridge Games and its mission to cultivate a strong local gaming community. Gatecrashers know the Drawbridge Games Store Rules and follow them. They are exemplars to the community and share their passion for tabletop games in a positive way.

Gatecrasher membership is not intended as a simple club membership. It is not designed to be a once a year fee exempting members from commerce within the store. Remember, Drawbridge Games is a retail store first and always!

How do I become a Gatecrasher?

Visit Drawbridge Games and we can sign you up! Gatecrasher memberships come in the following forms:

1 Year (Individual) – A one year Gatecrasher membership costs $35.00.

1 Year (Family) – A one year Gatecrasher membership for one household (children, spouse, partner) costs $45.00.

Monthly – A one month Gatecrasher membership costs $10.00.

Day Pass – Play for the day at $5.00 per day. This provides no discount on produc

The benefits of being a Gatecrasher:

  1. Play Area Access – Gatecrashers have access to Drawbridge Games’ gaming tables. Game in the comfort of our clean and well-stocked gaming areas.
  2. 10% Purchase Discount – Gatecrashers receive a 10% discount on all purchases at Drawbridge Games. This discount stacks with sales up to a total of 30%. Items marked at 30% off or more do not receive additional discounts.
  3. 10% Discount at Retrograde Collectables – Drawbridge Games has partnered with Retrograde Collectables, Pittsburgh’s best place to buy, sell, and trade retro-videogames, toys, and other collectables. Drawbridge Games Gatecrasher members receive 10% off their purchases at Retrograde Collectables. Present your up-to-date membership cards at the register at time of purchase.
  4. Preorder Bonuses – Preorder items without prepaying. Gatecrashers also receive an additional 10% off preordered products from many popular game companies (providing a 20% discount). Inquire in the shop for the current list. This benefit is for preorders of unreleased products only and cannot be stacked with any other offers, sales, coupons or loyalty rewards.
  5. Event Bonuses – Gatecrashers have access to Drawbridge Games’ special events and workshops. These include tournaments and narrative campaigns run by both our staff and volunteers. Additional fees may apply in some cases (tournaments with prizes for example). Gatecrashers receive discounted entry fees to any event with a General Admission fee.

Drawbridge Games reserves the right to modify benefits or terminate any Gatecrasher membership without prior warning.