Two New Warbands Enter Shadespire!

Waaaggghhhh! The Ironskull’s Boyz have come to conquer the city, but Nagash’s servants the Sepulchral Guard are sure to oppose them and any other warband that gets in there way. Each box comes with a warband and 60 unique cards to add to your Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire collection. We’ve also got new Shadespire dice and card sleeves. Pick up yours at Drawbridge Games today!

New 11/4/17

  1. Dice Packs – Deathrattle, Ironjawz, Khorne Bloodbound, Stormcast Eternals
  2. Iron Skull’s Boyz
  3. Sepulchral Guard
  4. Sleeves – Ironskull’s Boyz, Sepulchral Guard

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