Angels of Death Descend from on High!

The Primaris Inceptors have deep struck into Drawbridge Games, just in time for Fate of Konor! Add deadly mobile firepower to your Space Marine force. The Ultramarines Primaris Upgrade Sprue will help your boys-in-blue look their best, and you can keep your Adeptus Astartes rolling strong with a new dice set featuring symbols from their specialists. Modelers will love the three new accessories boxes released this week. Barbed Bracken, Citadel Skulls, and Creeping Vines are the perfect accent to make your miniatures shine!

New 8/19/17

  1. Adeptus Astartes Dice
  2. Barbed Bracken
  3. Citadel Skulls
  4. Creeping Vines
  5. Primaris Inceptors
  6. Ultramarines Upgrade Sprue

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