Prospero Burns!

The Thousand Sons have transgressed the will of the Emperor of Mankind, and they must be punished! Will you side with the Space Wolves, feral warriors bent on Prospero’s destruction in fulfillment of the Emperor’s decree? Will you defend Prospero, as bastion of the light of knowledge in an ever darkening universe? In either case […]

Charity Quest Update!

The original Hero Quest box is complete! All adventurers, monsters, and even the furniture and scenery are completed. With Extra Life’s 24 Hour Game Day at Drawbridge Games right around the corner, I won’t be able to complete the 90’s version of Warhammer Quest, but I am still hoping to continue on the Warhammer Quest: […]

Resist the First Order!

X-Wing Heroes of the Resistance makes to jump to light-speed onto the shelves at Drawbridge Games! This new boxset for X-Wing features the T-70 Black One and the legendary Millennium Falcon. Tons of new pilot and upgrade cards are on offer including Finn, Rey, and a pilot skill 9 Poe Damron! New 10/27/16 X-Wing – […]

New TMNT Heroclix, Malifaux, and More Restocks!

The mean green teens are back! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Heroclix return to Drawbridge Games! The new set, Heroes in a Half Shell features the classic cartoon turtles, their friends, and foes. We’ve got Booster Packs, Dice & Token sets, and Fast Forces packs! New Emissaries make a big splash in the twisted world of […]

Pokemon Legendary Birds, Betrayal Widow’s Walk, and Board Game Restocks!

The latest Pokemon release will make you want to “put a bird on it!” Each pack includes 3 packs of the Pokemon sets Break Through and Steam Siege, and a pin featuring Articuno, Zapdos, or Moltres. Widow’s Walk is the first ever expansion for the award winning cooperative-with-a-twist horror game Betrayal at House on the […]

New Texture Paints and Genestealer Cults Reinforcements!

Games Workshop continues to expand their line of miniature basing materials with new texture paints. Agrellan Badland, Armageddon Dunes, Astrogranite Debris, Martian Ironcrust, Stirland Battlemire, and Valhallan Blizzard hit the shelves, adding to their already formidable arsenal of basing options. Speaking of arsenals, the insidious Genestealer Cults added armored reinforcements this week in the form […]

Bolt Action 2nd Edition and Konflict ’47!

World War 2 wargaming at Drawbridge Games just got even better! Love wargaming during WWII but want to explore a new larger scale? Bolt Action 2nd Edition features tight game rules and an awesome “fog of war” initiative system in glorious 28mm! In addition, you can take your Bolt Action features into the dark alternate […]

SeaFall, Warmachine, and Ogors!

The long anticipated SeaFall: A Legacy Game is here! In SeaFall you take control of a province of seafarers. Explore, raid, trade, and build in this Legacy style game where your actions carry over into future games! We’ve also got reinforcements for your Warmachine armies. Knights Exemplar Officer, Satyxis Gunslingers, and Stormsmith Grenadiers are here […]

The Infection Spreads!

The genetic Genestealer curse spreads like a plague throughout the Imperium of Man! This week our Inquisitorial spies have spotted Goliath transports, Neophyte Hybrid Squads, Iconwards, and the head of the insidious snake itself: The Broodcoven. Stop by Drawbridge Games and catch the infection! New 10/8/16 Broodcoven Goliath Iconward Neophyte Hybrid Squads

Huge TANKS Restock and More!

Reinforcements for the TANKS product line are finally back in stock! GF9 was clearly not prepared for the success of their fast and fun World War II skirmish game, but I’m happy to say that we they have fixed their production issues and we now have Starter Sets and all of the current expansion packs […]