Kaladesh, Malifaux, White Dwarf, and Harry Potter…Expecto Patronum!

Multiple new things have made their way into Drawbridge Games. Stop by to pick up one or more of these exciting new products! First up, the planeswalkers of Magic the Gathering have traveled to Kaladesh, the home of Chandra Naalar. Explore this world through bundles and boosters! Try out new vehicles, fabricate, and gearhulk cards. […]

Infinity: Operation Red Veil Returns!

There is no better time to get into science fiction skirmish! Corvus Belli’s Operation Red Veil is back on Drawbridge Games shelves. This box set contains two complete forces, rules, and terrain, more than enough to begin your adventures Infinity Universe! Restock 9/28/16 Infinity: Operation Red Veil

Blood and Skulls for Khorne!

Gorechosen is the ultimate game for those who wish to follow the Eight-fold path! Battle in the blood god’s arena where only the strongest and most vicious fighters survive. Select one of the four included champions (also usable in your games of Age of Sigmar) with options for five additional gladiators in the back of […]

New Star Fighters for Your X-Wing Squadron and More!

Lock s-foils in attack position and prepare for your attack run! Wave-9 X-Wing is here! Swoop in to Drawbridge games and grab your copies of the ARC-170, Protectorate Starfighter, Shadow Caster, and Special Forces TIE. That’s not all! Osprey Publishing, maker of fast and fun historical gaming rulebooks, has released The Men Who Would Be […]

Halo Goes to Ground, Infinity Completes a New Operation, Star Trek Ascends, and More!

Spartan Games brings the war against the Covenant planet side with Halo Ground Command: Battle for Reach! This 2-player set features everything you need to get started including miniature forces for the UNSC and Covenant, stat. cards, dice, tokens, templates, and a core rulebook. Similarly, Infinity: Operation Red Veil is a great entry point for […]

Vengeance Comes on Angel’s Wings!

Repent traitors! The Blood Angels return to rain death upon those who have turned from the Emperor’s light! Angel’s Blade continues the saga of The Black Crusade providing new background, datasheets, formations, wargear, and psychic powers for the Blood Angels. Pick up your copy and purge the heretic today! New 9/17/16 Angel’s Blade

Pandemic… Now with more tentacles!

Natural diseases too boring for you? How about people turning into and/or summoning monsters?!?! Battle cults vying for world domination in Z-Man Games’ latest cooperative board game:Pandemic Reign of Cthulhu! New 9/16/16 Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu Restocks 9/16/16 Magic the Gathering: Eldritch Moon Pokemon Steam Siege (Theme Decks + Boosters) Star Wars: X-Wing Warhammer: Age […]

Reinforcements for the Iron Kingdoms and New D&D!

Reinforcements for your favorite Warmachine and Hordes factions have arrived! First the new: Retribution of Scyrah adds the Lys Healer and Trollbloods get the Northkin Shaman. We’ve also got resculpts of popular warcasters including Captain Victoria Haley, High Exemplar Kreoss, and Kommander Sorscha. Dungeons & Dragons 5E players can aid or opppose giants in Storm […]

Assemble Your Kill Team!

Kill Team has arrived! Play Warhammer 40,000 on a more personal scale! This box contains a complete digest copy of the Warhammer 40,000 Rulebook, a copy of the Kill Team rules for squad and skirmish-based Warhammer 40,000 play, and two squads (Space Marines and Tau) to get started playing right away! New 9/3/16 Warhammer 40,000: […]