Space Marine Recruitment Sale!

Attention Citizens of the Imperium of Man! All rumors point to the Emperor, may all praise his name, releasing new Space Marine box sets upon us. The Lord on the Golden Throne be praised! In celebration of this most holy and revered event, Drawbridge Games is putting a number of Space Marine boxes on sale, […]

More Cult Mechanicus and a New Paint Rack!

Praise the Omnissiah! This week we have more Cult Mechanicus releases from Games Workshop. These include the Cult Mechanicus Codex, Cult Mechanicus Data Cards, Electro-Priests, and the simply awesome Tech-Priest Dominus! Stop by Friday, and supplicate yourself before the Machine God.   New Paint Rack! Drawbridge Games will now be carrying the complete Citadel paint […]

Welcome to!

Greetings Tabletop Gamers and Hobbyists, This is the official website of Drawbridge Games, a tabletop game and hobby shop located in the borough of Castle Shannon, Pittsburgh PA. Drawbridge Games is a tabletop game store with a focus on miniatures and the wargaming hobby. It is as a modern interpretation of the old school toy […]