Star Wars Destiny Legacies Draft 1/13/18

Sorry for the late notice my Jedi and Sith friends!   Star Wars Destiny: Legacies is here, so Drawbridge Games would like to throw a little draft together to celebrate. Bring your Rivals Draft Set or purchase one here and enjoy some of the most iconic Star Wars characters with us.   Date: 1/13/18 Time: […]

Star Wars Destiny Legacies, Blood Bound, and More!

Take control of the most iconic characters in the Star Wars universe in Star Wars Destiny: Legacies! Drawbridge Games has Booster Packs, Starter Sets, and Rivals Draft Packs, everything you need to get started or expand your collection. Lead your vampire clan to victory in Blood Bound, a card game of deception and deduction. A […]

Guzzlord GX and Used X-Wing!

Consume every prize card on your way to victory! Possess one of the most powerful GX Pokemon with the new Guzzlord GX Box. We also restocked our X-Wing trade-ins. Save a few dollars starting or expanding a collection with great deals on used ships!

Star Wars Armada Q4 Fleet Patrol Tournament 1/3/18

You can’t repel firepower of this magnitude! Date:1/3/18 Time: 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM Rules: 400 Points Fleet Patrol Format (2 Rounds, Swiss Pairing) Fee: General Admission – $10 Gatecrashers – $8 Capacity: 10 Players TO: Matthew “Biggs” Kelsey Gatecrashers: Play Area Rules:

Saved the Best for Last Minute Holiday Shopping!

Worried you waited to long to find the perfect holiday gift? Fear not! Drawbridge Games just got in another shipment of gaming awesome! Come and get it! Want to get a leg up on Star Wars: Destiny’s upcoming Rivals Sealed and Draft play? We’ve got a limited supply of Rivals Draft Sets in stock now! […]

New X-Wing and L5R!

You don’t have to look in a galaxy far far away for the perfect holiday gift. Find it right here at Drawbridge Games! This week we’ve got five new ships for Star Wars: X-Wing! The Alpha-Class Star Wing, M12-L Kimogila, Phantom II, Resistance Bomber, and TIE Silencer will make excellent additions to any players’ squadrons. […]

Star Wars: X-Wing Q4 Tournament at Drawbridge Games 11/12/17

*insert porg screeching as we jump to lightspeed*   Date: 11/12/17   Start Time: 12:00 PM   Price: Gatecrasher $8.00 General $10.00   Participants: 16   Prizes: FFG X-Wing Q4 2017   TO: Tony Borzok Gaming Area Rules:   Gatecrashers:

In Time You Will Call Me Master…

The next Imperial Assault wave has arrived at Drawbridge Games! Terrorize your foes with Emperor Palpatine and Maul, or battle the Empire with the valiant Ahsoka Tano! Play through the awesome Heart of the Empire campaign or just add some killer units to your skirmish forces! New 10/12/17 Imperial Assault – Ahsoka Tano, Emperor Palpatine, […]

Star Wars Destiny Empire at War and Undead Heroclix!

Embrace your destiny in a galaxy far, far away or just come to Drawbridge Games! Star Wars Destiny: Empire at War adds more cards and dice to help your battle as a part of the freedom fighting Rebel Alliance or the insidious Galactic Empire. Miss HorrorClix? Don’t we all! But we may have the next […]

Force Friday II and More!

May the Force Friday II be with you! We’ve got the perfect game to celebrate your love of Star Wars right here at Drawbridge Games! Stop in today and grab the new Star Wars Destiny Two-Player Game. This is the perfect way to begin your Star Wars Destiny journey or add new cards and dice […]