A Primarch Returns!

Join Guilliman’s crusade and reunite the Imperium! Gathering Storm III and the Triumvirate of the Primarch have arrived at Drawbridge Games. Gathering Storm III: Rise of the Primarch features rules for each of the models in the Triumvirate, new fiction furthering the Gathering Storm storyline, new formations, and more (including the return of The Fallen)! […]

Ynnead Has Risen…

… but will their new god save or damn the Eldar? Find out in Gathering Storm II: Fracture of Biel-Tan! The continuation of the Gathering Storm Saga features new datasheets, wargear, missions, and more. This includes rules for fielding the new Triumvirate of Ynnead. This awesome new set of character miniatures include Yvraine, the Visarch, […]

For Cadia!

Defend Cadia with your life! Gathering Storm: Fall of Cadia details the 13th Black Crusades assault on Cadia. This book includes rules for the new Empyric Storm, new Datasheets, and Formations that allow you to combine the mighty forces of the Imperium. The Triumvirate of the Imperium includes 3 mighty heroes from the conflict: Saint […]