Gaming Area Rules

Da Rulez!

1. Support the store with your gaming purchases! Gaming here is a blast, but we can’t pay the rent with pure enjoyment.

2. No solicitations. If you have game items to sell, that are not being sold to us, take it somewhere else.

3. Leave rudeness, dice throwing, tantrums, bad hygiene, and politics at home.

4. No outside food or drink. Check our cooler; we’ve got you covered! Need to take a break for lunch of dinner? Ask about some of Castle Shannon’s excellent restaurants. We’re happy to make a recommendation!

5. Charge devices at home.  

6. No smoking or vaping.

Drawbridge Games is not a club or your living room. It is a retail store first and foremost. Violation of store rules can lead to immediate ejection from the premises, rescinding of Gatecrasher privileges, and being feed to the feral orcs that live in our stock room.

Use of Drawbridge Games’ gaming tables requires Gatecrasher Membership. Tournaments with a fee are often but not always an exception. Check each tournament listing for details.