Guns for Hire, Ticket to Ride Germany, the Carcassonne Big Box, and More!

Bounty hunters?!?! We DO need their scum! Great new options for X-Wing Scum and Villainy can be found in the latest expansion: Guns for Hire! Become the greatest rail tycoon in all of¬†Deutschland in Ticket to Ride: Germany! The Carcassonne Big Box 2017 has more than just one of the greatest tile laying games ever […]

X-Wing Gets C-ROCKED!

Attention all mercenaries, bounty hunters, and scum. The C-ROC Cruiser is here! The Scum and Villainy faction of Star Wars: X-Wing get their first epic ship. This pack includes the C-ROC Cruiser, an M3-A fighter in a variant scheme, and tons of ship and crew cards including infamous crime lord Jabba the Hutt! New 6/8/17 […]

Fly the Dark Side Skies!

Kylo Ren and friends are here! X-Wing Wave 10 features the Quadjumper, Sabine’s TIE, and Kylo’s Upsilon-Class Shuttle. The Game of Throne’s LCG adds Tyrion’s Chain to the ever-expanding set of options. February’s White Dwarf arrives with a preview of the Gathering Storm Part II. Privateer Press isn’t left out either. We’ve deepened our stock […]

New X-Wing Mats, Protectorate of Menoth, Arkham Horror LCG, Malifaux, Base Texture Stamps and Destiny Restock

Expand your far away galaxy with new playmats for Star Wars Armada and X-Wing! The latest designs have arrived and feature Hoth and the Starkiller Base. Additionally they have released some more Star Wars Destiny Booster boxes in limited quantities (while supplies last) Feora 3 and Protectorate of Menoth Command have arrived to help you […]

New DOOM Board Game and X-Wing Ships!

Suit up and become the fabled “DOOM SLAYER!” Take the action for the DOOM video game from the screen to the tabletop with FFG’s DOOM: The Board Game. This week also heralds the release of Rogue One ships for the X-Wing miniature game. The U-Wing and TIE Striker swoop in to reinforce Rebel and Imperial […]

Regarding FFG and Star Wars

Dear Customers, I just wanted to write a quick post regarding Fantasy Flight Games and their most recent releases utilizing the Star Wars license: Destiny and the U-Wing/TIE Striker for X-Wing. I have been a strong supporter of FFG since opening my game shop, but I also share your frustration regarding FFG’s apparent inability to […]

TMNT, Family Guy, Arkham Horror Frostgrave, and a Destiny Restock!

The heroes in a half shell are back! This time they’re starring in a miniature/board game hybrid from the designer of Descent. Giggity Giggity! Family Guy fans will love Stewie’s Sexy Party Game, and Adult Content party game featuring Family Guy’s unique humor and cast. Ready for a new challenge in Arkham Horror: The Card […]

Resist the First Order!

X-Wing Heroes of the Resistance makes to jump to light-speed onto the shelves at Drawbridge Games! This new boxset for X-Wing features the T-70 Black One and the legendary Millennium Falcon. Tons of new pilot and upgrade cards are on offer including Finn, Rey, and a pilot skill 9 Poe Damron! New 10/27/16 X-Wing – […]

New Star Fighters for Your X-Wing Squadron and More!

Lock s-foils in attack position and prepare for your attack run! Wave-9 X-Wing is here! Swoop in to Drawbridge games and grab your copies of the ARC-170, Protectorate Starfighter, Shadow Caster, and Special Forces TIE. That’s not all! Osprey Publishing, maker of fast and fun historical gaming rulebooks, has released The Men Who Would Be […]

Imperial Veterans Swoop Into Drawbridge Games!

It’s time to crush the rebellion! Upgrade your Imperial Squadron with Imperial Veterans. This pack contains a TIE Bomber and a TIE Defender, and it includes upgrade cards to improve both of those ships as well as the others in your fleet! New 6/30/16 Imperial Veterans