The Shadow in the Warp

The swarm invades Drawbridge Games! The Tyranids are here! Grab their Codex, Datacards, and Start Collecting box, and absorb the galaxy! Games Workshop has also released some excellent painting accessories to help get your army passing inspection. The Citadel Painting Handle, Painting Mat, and Water Pot are the perfect tools for your next miniature masterpiece. […]

More Paints Than You Can Shake A Brush At!

Hobbyists rejoice! Drawbridge Games has even more painting goodness in store for you. We’ve brought in the complete Army Painter line of Acrylic Paints, Colour Primers, and Hobby Accessories! The expansion is huge, more than doubling their existing line. There are tons of new colors, washes, and effects paints to choose from. We’ve also got […]

New Artificer Tint Set and Maelstrom Dice!

Painters rejoice! We’ve got more awesome products from Citadels extensive and excellent paint range. These tints create new color options by intensifying an existing color or shifting its hue. The set also comes with 3 Texture Spreaders for transferring pigments. Additionally new Maelstrom Dice Sets hit the shelves. These sets of d6s come on multiple […]

The Complete Citadel Paint Range is now Available at Drawbridge Games!

Games Workshop’s many product ranges have always been popular staples at Drawbridge Games. None have been more popular than their Citadel hobby range and paints. Now you can purchase virtually any item from the range at Drawbridge Games. This includes the full range of Citadel color spray paints and their new Citadel Air, airbrush paint […]

Lightning Strikes!

Lightning Strikes the Mortal Realms! Sigmar’s Chosen, the Stormcast Eternals charge into battle on draconic steeds! Today we see the release of the Dracothian Guard, Order Battletome: Stormcast Eternals Extremis, and a second version of the horn blowing Knight Heralder. We’re also getting two new starter paint sets; one featuring the above mentioned Stormcast Eternals […]

Event Wrap-Up (Week of 6/22/15)

An ongoing Crusade of Fire, our second Force Be with You Friday, and the debut of the Drawbridge Games’ Gaming Squires, made for another awesome week here at Drawbridge Games! Crusade of Fire 6/25/15 (Thursdays) From the Mousillon Expedition blog: The second phase of the Crusade of Fire began as two separate strike carriers emerged in […]