In Time You Will Call Me Master…

The next Imperial Assault wave has arrived at Drawbridge Games! Terrorize your foes with Emperor Palpatine and Maul, or battle the Empire with the valiant Ahsoka Tano! Play through the awesome Heart of the Empire campaign or just add some killer units to your skirmish forces! New 10/12/17 Imperial Assault – Ahsoka Tano, Emperor Palpatine, […]

A Price on Your Head So Large…

every bounty hunter in the galaxy will be looking for you! Greed is good in Jabba’s Realm, the latest expansion for Star Wars: Imperial Assault! There are also a ton of expansion packs including: Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight, Captain Terro (on a dewback!), Alliance Rangers, and Jabba the Hutt himself! But that’s not all! Eldritch […]

New Imperial Assault Heroes and Villains, British Forces for TANKS, and Warmachine/Hordes Tokens

New products galore today at Drawbridge Games! Feel the power of the Force with new releases for Imperial Assault. Obi-Wan Kenobi, The Grand Inquisitor, and Greedo are here to enhance your Rebel, Imperial, or Scum factions. The British bring their brand of armoured might to your TANKS games. New packs for the Sherman, Cromwell, and […]

The Bespin Gambit!

Return to Cloud City with the latest expansion to Imperial Assault! The Bespin Gambit features new figures, missions, and command cards! Additionally, we’ve got the brand new Ally and Villain packs to expand your game even further! New 5/26/16 Agent Blaise The Bespin Gambit Bossk ISB Agents Lando Calrissian

New products and restocks for 3/10/16

Drawbridge Games has received a large restock of X-Wing, including the always popular Most Wanted! Warhammer Quest: The Card Game is also finally back in stock after a long period of being out of print. We’ve also got some great new products including the Boss Monster Collector’s Box, Exploration Dino, and 16-Pocket Ultra-Pro card pages […]

New Privateer Press Miniatures and Fantasy Flight Games Supplements!

We’ve got reinforcements! Today we have new miniatures for the Minions and Trollbloods Factions in Hordes. We’ve also got the latest supplement for the Game of Thrones Living Card Game. New 2/25/16  Bog Trog Trawler (Minions) Dhunian Knot (Trollbloods) Hutchuck, Ogrun Bounty Hunter (Minions) The King’s Peace (Game of Thrones LCG) Restocks 2/25/16 Star Wars […]

New Imperial Assault Units and Playmats have Arrived! (And much more!)

We’ve got more units for FFG’s popular Imperial Assault Star Wars skirmish game! The mercenary Bantha Rider brings tons of damage soaking capability and the Alliance Smuggler adds more versatility to the Rebel Alliance. Armada and X-Wing players have more location options with the Bespin and Death Star II playmats. Hordes: Minions Faction will be […]

New Army Painter Brushes, HABA, and Reaper Bones!

Some great new release came in today! Everyone loves The Army Painters combination of affordability and quality. They have added three new brushes to their already extensive range. For the budget minded, the Hobby Brush range now includes a Drybrush and a Super Detail brush, both at $3.50! On the high-end, they’ve added a Masterclass […]

Giant Restock + New Doctor Who RPG!

Tons of restocks have arrived including: Restocks 1/7/16:  Star Wars –  Armada, Imperial Assault, and X-Wing + Beginner Boxes for Age of Rebellion and Edge of the Empire HABA – A variety of children’s board games The 12th (13th if we count the War Doctor?) Doctor arrives to save us from all manner of galactic […]

New in the Store 12/23/15! Imperial Assault Echo Base Troopers, Leia Organa, General Sorin, and Dengar

Your reinforcements have arrived! New Imperial Assault figures are here and ready to engage the enemy. New 12/23/15 Dengar Echo Base Troopers General Sorin Echo Base Troopers Due to shipping issues, our supply of Imperial Assault: Return to Hoth and X-Wing: Imperial Assault Carriers was limited to preorders only this week. We will be receiving […]