Star Wars Destiny Legacies, Blood Bound, and More!

Take control of the most iconic characters in the Star Wars universe in Star Wars Destiny: Legacies! Drawbridge Games has Booster Packs, Starter Sets, and Rivals Draft Packs, everything you need to get started or expand your collection. Lead your vampire clan to victory in Blood Bound, a card game of deception and deduction. A new year is a perfect time to start a new army. We’ve got a restock of Games Workshop’s Start Collecting box sets, paints, brushes, and the popular Paint Handle.

New 1/11/18

  1. Blood Bound
  2. Star Wars Destiny: Legacies – Booster Packs, Starter Sets

Restocks 1/11/18

  1. Army Painter – Paints and Supplies
  2. Citadel – Brushes, Paints, Paint Handle
  3. Ticket to Ride
  4. Star Wars Imperial Assault – Expansions
  5. Star Wars X-Wing – Expansions
  6. Warhammer AoS/40,000 – Start Collecting Box Sets

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