New Death Guard, Space Marines, and the Last Day for the Table of Deep Discounts!

New Warhammer 40,000 kits are at Drawbridge Games just in time for the Christmas! The forces of the Death Guard and the Space Marines have new “Easy-to-Build” box sets that the 41st¬†Millennium warrior in your life is sure to love. Want your Warhammer 40,000 on the go? Try Citadel Combat Cards, a fast-paced card game that’s a great stocking stuffer. Today is also the last day for the Table of Deep Discounts. Get a great deal before they’re gone!

New 12/23/17

  1. Citadel Combat Cards – Space Marines and Chaos
  2. Easy-to-Build: Lord Felthius and the Tainted Cohort
  3. Easy-to-Build: Myphitic Blight-Hauler
  4. Easy-to-Build: Primaris Aggressors
  5. Easy-to-Build: Primaris Redemptor Dreadnought


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