Company of Iron, Ghost Archipelago, Star Trek Adventures, and More!

It’s going to be another huge week for releases at Drawbridge Games. Let’s get it started off right with a new way to enjoy the Warmachine/Hordes universe. Company of Iron provides an all new way to battle in the Iron Kingdoms, this format moves away from Warcasters and Warlocks, focusing more on solos and units for a more intimate, narrative driven encounter. Cryx and Cygnar also got reinforcements this week with the Slayer/Erebus, Corrupter/Reaper/Malice, and Patrol Dog respectively. The world of Frostgrave has expanded with Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago. Lead an expedition to the find long lost treasure hidden among flora and fauna of this rediscovered island chain. Create your own Star Trek stories with Star Trek: Adventures. Modiphius promises to take Trek roleplaying boldly to where no one has gone be for with an team of Star Trek writing experts, including writers from previous editions of the RPG. Board and card games more your style? We’ve got you covered with the new Codenames: Marvel and Clank! In! Space!

New 10/25/17

  1. Codenames: Marvel
  2. Company of Iron
  3. Clank! In! Space!
  4. Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago
  5. Star Trek: Adventures
  6. Star Trek: Adventures RPG Dice Set
  7. Warmachine –  Corrupter/Reaper/Malice, Patrol Dog, Slayer/Erebus

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