Grymkin, Guild Ball, Terra Tiles, Lovecraft Letter, Negan, RPGs, and More!

Drawbridge Games has a huge number of new products and restocks today, so let’s get right to it! The Grymkin Core Army boxes have arrived! It’s the perfect way to join the Wicked Harvest. The first Guild Ball Season 3 team boxes hit the pitch. Hunters: Blessed of the Sun Father and Union: Shadow of the Tyrant get you on the pitch fast with a full team out of one box. Terra Tiles are a new gaming terrain product useful for both miniature gaming and RPGs. The Tundras and Wastelands includes enough tiles to cover 18 square feet! Lovecraft Letter brings the award winning Love Letter mechanics to the world of the Mythos. One of The Walking Dead’s most controversial characters, Negan is here to terrorize other survivors with his signature bat Lucille. He just wants you to know him! The Curse of the Statuettes includes an adventure, GM’s screen, dice, and Pony Sheets for your Tails of Equestria games. Dark forces enter the world of 5E D&D. Include 13 deadly cults, new monsters, magic items, spells, feats, and more with Demon Cults & Secret Societies. One of the most unique RPG worlds ever created has now been converted to the extremely versatile Savage Worlds system. The Rifts: The Tomorrow’s Legion Player’s Guide and Rifts: Game Master’s Handbook will get you started right.

New 7/27/17

  1. 5E: Demon Cults & Secret Societies
  2. Grymkin: Core Army Box
  3. Guild Ball – Hunters: Blessed of the Sun Father, Union: Shadow of the Tyrant
  4. Lovecraft Letter
  5. Savage Worlds Rifts: Game Master’s Handbook, The Tomorrow’s Legion Player’s Handbook
  6. Tails of Equestria – The Curse of the Statuettes
  7. Terra Tiles: Tundras and Wastelands
  8. The Walking Dead: All Out War – Negan

Restocks 7/27/17

  1. Army Painter Tools and Hobby Supplies
  2. Frostgrave Plastic Kits
  3. KOPLOW Gaming Dice
  4. Tails of Equestria – Core Rules

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