Last of the Holiday Daily Deals! Games Workshop Sale!

Praise the Emperor! We’re ending the holiday season with a bang! Select Games Workshop products (Warhammer 40,000, Age of Sigmar and More!) are 30% Off! This is for ONE DAY ONLY and WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! Get in and get and awesome gift at an excellent price!

Holiday Break 12/24/16 – 1/3/17

Drawbridge Games will be on holiday break from 12/24/16 – 1/3/17. We will reconvene normal business hours on Wednesday, January 4th, 2017. If you have preordered any items releasing that weekend you will not be able to pick them up until we reopen, but we will honor any discounts on said items. Thank you for […]

Assemble the Fleet!

The next wave of Star Wars: Armada has arrived! Phoenix Home, the Imperial Light Cruiser, Rebel Fighter Squadrons II, and Imperial Fighter Squadrons II are ready to be added to your fleet. Don’t forget The Corellian Conflict! This Armada expansion features rules to run a campaign for up to 6 players, adds 12 new objectives, […]

New Hordes, OGRE 6th Edition, and Chosen Men

Here’s some reinforcements just in times for the holidays! First up we’ve got reinforcements for your Hordes army from Privateer Press. The Trollbloods get a powerful artillery piece in the form of of the Thumper/Pummler and you can upgrade your Circle of Orboros cavalry with the Tharn Wolf Rider Champion! A new edition of the […]

Holiday Daily Deals 12/21/16!

Today’s Daily Deals: 30% and more off WizK!ds Games!   DiceMasters – Buy 3 Get 1 Free Select Boosters, 30% Off Select Sets! HeroClix – 30% Off The Superior Foes of Spider-Man Boosters! Star Trek – 30% Off Attack Wing and Frontiers!   Most of these are ONE DAY ONLY deals; so get them while […]

No One Expects…

the Imperial Inquistion… I get it. That joke is played out. Still, it’s awesome to have so many aspects of the Imperium’s might nestled in one codex! In addition to the release of Codex: Imperial Agents, this week sees the release of Canoness Veridyan. This character is based on the iconic Sister’s painting by GW […]

New DOOM Board Game and X-Wing Ships!

Suit up and become the fabled “DOOM SLAYER!” Take the action for the DOOM video game from the screen to the tabletop with FFG’s DOOM: The Board Game. This week also heralds the release of Rogue One ships for the X-Wing miniature game. The U-Wing and TIE Striker swoop in to reinforce Rebel and Imperial […]

Regarding FFG and Star Wars

Dear Customers, I just wanted to write a quick post regarding Fantasy Flight Games and their most recent releases utilizing the Star Wars license: Destiny and the U-Wing/TIE Striker for X-Wing. I have been a strong supporter of FFG since opening my game shop, but I also share your frustration regarding FFG’s apparent inability to […]