Mighty Heroes Storm The Silver Tower!

Four mighty heroes storm the dreaded Silver Tower of the Gaunt Summoner! You can add the Auric Runemaster, the Knight-Venator, the Tzeentch Sorcerer Lord, and the Slaughterpriest all at a discount from the cost of the individual figures. Grab your set and adventure today! New 5/28/16 Warhammer Quest Silver Tower: Mighty Heroes White Dwarf #121 […]

The Bespin Gambit!

Return to Cloud City with the latest expansion to Imperial Assault! The Bespin Gambit features new figures, missions, and command cards! Additionally, we’ve got the brand new Ally and Villain packs to expand your game even further! New 5/26/16 Agent Blaise The Bespin Gambit Bossk ISB Agents Lando Calrissian

New Privateer Press and Restocks!

The Splatter Boar and Battle Boar hits store shelves along with new grass tuft styles from The Army Painter in brand new packaging! New 5/25/16 Army Painter Frozen, Mountain, and Woodland Tufts Minions: Battle Boar & Splatter Boar Restock 5/25/16 Lamentations of the Flame Princess: Rules & Magic X-Wing

Enter the Silver Tower!

Champions hear my call; the Silver Tower has arrived! Do you dare to explore its ever-changing corridors and challenge the nefarious and enigmatic Gaunt Summoner? Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower is a dungeon-crawling adventure featuring tons of beautiful plastic miniatures. All the miniatures are also usable in Warhammer: Age of Sigmar. Stop by Drawbridge Games for […]

Civil War Dice Masters & Munchkin Monster Box!

The newest Dice Masters set hits the shelves at Drawbridge Games! Marvel Dice Masters: Civil War features heroes from the Marvel Universe and centers around the Civil War storyline. Pick up a Civil War starter box, and receive a Squirrel Girl promo card and die (quantities limited)! Has storing your Munchkin collection become a monster […]

The Flesh-Eaters Hold Court at Drawbridge Games

The terrifying monsters of the Flesh-Eater Courts have arrived! Bolster your Forces of Death with Crypt Ghouls. Vargheists, or a horrifying Terrorgheist! New 5/14/16  Death Battletome: Flesh-Eater Courts Crypt Ghouls Terrorgheist White Dwarf #120

New Privateer Press and Wizards of the Coast Products!

Warmachine/Hordes heats up again this week! For Warmachine we’ve got a new dual kit from the diabolical Cryx warjack foundries. Their newest colossal kit allows you to build either a Kraken or the new Sepulcher. Hordes gets a 4-pack of Shredder lesser warbeasts, a bog trog Mist Speaker, and Wild Adventure (a new supplement for […]

Death From The Skies!

This one is going up a day late because of our awesome Trials of Oighear Age of Sigmar event! I was just too busy to post. But, rest assured that we have the latest and greatest from Games Workshop! Death From The Skies landed yesterday, bringing all new rules for flyers in Warhammer 40,000! We’ve […]

New Heroclix and Pokemon at Drawbridge Games!

Uncanny X-Men Heroclix have arrived! Along with the X-Men we see the return of teams such as the Marauders and Freedom Force (a personal favorite)! We also have the new Pokemon Fates Collide boosters and a new Pokemon Trainer Kit with the incredible Pikachu Libre! New 4/5/16 Elder Sign: Grave Consequences Heroclix: Uncanny X-Men Booster […]