Happy Tabletop Day 2016 and Orruks Invade Drawbridge Games!

Orruks storm the castle at Drawbridge Games! Age of Sigmar’s brutish masters of destruction crash the Realm Gates in a bid to conquer all the mortal realms! New 4/30/16 Grand Alliance: Destruction Orruk: Brutes Orruk: Gore-Gruntas Orruk: Maw-Krusha Orruk: Megaboss Restocks 4/30/16 Codex Supplement: Black Legion Codex Supplement: Crimson Slaughter Happy Tabletop Day! We’ve got […]

Imperial Knights: Renegade!

Imperial Knights battle to death in the newest game release from Games Workshop. Imperial Knights: Renegade includes two Imperial Knight miniature kits, rules allowing them to duel, and rules for running Renegade Knights in your games of Warhammer 40,000! We’ve also got the latest White Dwarf with seven new Warscrolls featuring the mighty Orruks! New […]

Calm Over Westeros, Horizon Wars, and Munchkin: Marvel Universe!

More new games this week! First up we’ve got the Calm Over Westeros expansion for the Game of Thrones LCG. Next we’ve got Horizon Wars, a new generic science fiction miniature game from Osprey! Lastly, Munchkin is getting the Marvel Universe treatment! New 4/21/16 Calm Over Westeros (GoT: LCG) Horizon Wars Munchkin: Marvel Universe Specials […]

Grotesques and Quadropolis + Restocks! 4/20/16

The blighted Grotesques sweep in from the cold north to reign aerial terror upon the foes of the Legion of Everblight. They are accompanied by the Grotesque Assassin, a solo that is also capable of leading these winged nightmares into battle. Quadropolis is a city building board game in which you play the part of […]

30 Years of Space Marines!

Happy Birthday Space Marines!!! Space Marines turn 30 years old today! Come down to Drawbridge Games and get your hands on all this awesome Adeptus Astartes goodness! New 4/16/16  Adeptus Astartes Psychic Powers Codex Supplement: Angels of Death Cultist Assault Index Astartes Apocrypha Space Marines Heroes Terminator Lord’s Cadre White Dwarf #116

Warmachine and Hordes Super Sale!

In preparation for the release of Warmachine and Hordes Mark 3, Drawbridge Games is having a sale on all Starter Sets and most of the Battlegroup box sets currently in stock! Now is the perfect opportunity to pick up some great minis for a great price, and you will only need to replace their unit […]

Turtle Power and Infinity Arrive at Drawbridge Games

The heroes in a half-shell have arrived at Drawbridge Games! The Mouser Mayhem Starter Set is a great new entry point to jump into Heroclix gameplay, and features all four of the titular turtles. We’ve also got a gravity feed featuring more characters from the series. Additionally, Drawbridge Games has begun stocking Corvus Belli’s Infinity […]

Vampires Sink Their Fangs Into Drawbridge Games!

Creatures of the night have been spotted lurking a Drawbridge Games! First up is a new set of cards for Magic: The Gathering. In this set the planeswalkers return to the haunted land of Innistrad! Shadows Over Innistrad feature vampires, werewolves, zombies, and more! If you are “fortunate” enough to own Curse of Strahd for […]