Happy Holidays Drawbridge Gamers!

Greetings Drawbridge Gamers,   Drawbridge Games will be closing at 3:00 PM today and I will be on vacation, visiting family. The store will reopen on Saturday, January 2nd, 2016, and I will recommence normal business hours from that point.   I’d like to take a moment to express my gratitude to all of my […]

New in the Store 12/23/15! Imperial Assault Echo Base Troopers, Leia Organa, General Sorin, and Dengar

Your reinforcements have arrived! New Imperial Assault figures are here and ready to engage the enemy. New 12/23/15 Dengar Echo Base Troopers General Sorin Echo Base Troopers Due to shipping issues, our supply of Imperial Assault: Return to Hoth and X-Wing: Imperial Assault Carriers was limited to preorders only this week. We will be receiving […]

Drawbridge Games Special Holiday Hours!

With the winter holidays fast approaching, Drawbridge Games will have special hours this week leading up to a short break. The store will be open this week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Drawbridge Games will then close Friday and remain closed until Saturday, January 2nd, 2015. I apologize for any inconvenience this causes our customers. This […]

New 12/18/15 Force & Destiny: Keeping the Peace, Dungeon Saga, Beyond the Gates of Antares and more!

Do you feel the Force awakening inside you? Bring Jedi justice to your Star Wars RPG with Force & Destiny: Keeping the Peace. Dungeon Saga has arrived and you can get a free promo miniature with your purchase (while supplies last). Wargames Illustrated’s painting guide will help get your miniatures looking amazing. Prepare for adventures […]

Space Marine Upgrade Sprue Restock and White Dwarf #98

The Space Marine upgrade sprues are available again! Grab these great kits to make new and unique Marines from the Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Space Wolves, and Ultramarines chapters. Saturday will see the release of White Dwarf #98. This issue features the new Gaunt Summoner, Golden Demon painting, and Horus Heresy story information. New 12/12/15 […]

New in the Store 12/9/15 Letters to Santa, Ace, and Restocks

Stuff your stockings with some Letters to Santa. Make sure your letter makes it to Santa Claus in this card game based on the award winning Love Letter. Caine’s signature warjack Ace brings long range firepower and a toolbox of abilities to your Cygnar army lists. New 12/9/15 Ace: Cygnar Light Warjack Letters to Santa […]

Star Wars Winter Tournament Season Preview!

The new winter tournament kits for Armada, Imperial Assault, and X-Wing have arrived, and Drawbridge Games will be running events starting next week! Here’s a quick breakdown of the prizes you can win! Armada Alternate Art X-Wing Squadron Cards Alternate Art Gladiator II Cards Star Destroyer Dice Bags Acrylic Squadron Tokens Medal Featuring the Empire […]

New in the Store 12/5/15 GW I.D. Tags, Warhammer Visions #23, White Dwarf #97, and Runebound 3rd Edition

Great new GW products have arrived! First up is a great stocking stuffer: GW I.D. Tags! Each of the tags features an iconic Warhammer 40,000 logo that easily attaches to a miniature case. Warhammer Visions #23 lands with a new custom Word Bearers space marine pin (the brother of the Ultramarine pin from White Dwarf). […]