New in the Store! (7/31/15)

Hot off the press from Games Workshop! Age of Sigmar (Games Workshop) Stormcast Eternals: Judicators Judicators provide powerful ranged support for your Stormcast Eternals! Citadel (Games Workshop) Mixed Base Pack 1 Mixed Base Pack 2 These new base packs provide a large number of bases in a variety of sizes and are good for Warhammer […]

New in the Store! (7/30/15)

It’s judgement day for your wallet! Check out the new releases at Drawbridge Games! Terminator Genisys: The Miniatures Game (River Horse/Warlord Games) Terminator Genisys: The Miniatures Game Join the desperate struggle for the future of mankind. Will you lead the resistance to victory or terminate the last of mankind? (Complete two player game in one […]

Epic Heraldry Begins 8/1/15!

This Saturday will be the first installment of Drawbridge Games’ monthly painting clinic: Epic Heraldry! Come and learn the tricks of the miniature trade from Veteran Hobbyist and Drawbridge Games’ owner Enrico Nardini and Professional Commission Painter Carrie “Epic Blue Mouse” Posing! Epic Heraldry #1 – Basic Miniature Preparation Topics: Tools – Identification and Explanation […]

New in the Store! (7/29/15)

Here’s what’s new in the store today! Malifaux (Wyrd Games) Master of Puppets – Colladi’s crew is here to pull your strings! Moon Shinobi – Goblin Ninjas! ‘Nuff said! Osprey Games Frostgrave – Take on the role of a wizard searching for treasure in a frozen, fallen empire. Create a warband and get exploring! Bolt […]

Family Memberships Now Available!

Drawbridge Games is now offering one year Family Gatecrasher memberships. $40.00 will cover your household (children, spouses, and partners) for the year. This Gatecrasher level entitles all family members to the Gatecrasher benefits. Family memberships are not available by month. This addition comes as a response to the needs of families in the community. It […]

Weekly Recap (7/20/15)

Check out last week’s awesomeness! Crusade of Fire (7/23/15) We packed the house for Crusade of Fire this week! Exciting battles were fought as the armies of the grim-dark future sought parts to construct the ultimate doomsday weapon!   Force Be With You Friday (7/24/15) We had our largest turnout yet for the new Friday […]

New in the Store (7/25/15)

Here are some of the new products in this week! Age of Sigmar (Games Workshop) Releases for the Sigmar’s new age continue! This week we see the release of some amazing new terrain pieces and the Stormcast Eternal Lord Castellant (who has one of the cutest/scariest hounds in the history of wargaming). Stormcast Eternals: Lord-Castellant […]

Weekly Recap (7/6/15)

Here’s what happened last week: Crusade of Fire (7/9/15) From Andrew Lotz’s Blog (Crusade of Fire Organizer): Another night for the Crusade of Fire at Drawbridge Games, and that meant another special mission night. As the different factions consolidated their positions on planets in the system, it meant that there would be moments when they needed to move […]